'Green Pastures' was a favorite phrase of Bro. John Gollapalli. His Radio Program 'Daivopadesaalu' was broadcast under this title since 1973. In a series of meetings, he spoke on God's twelve blessings mentioned in six verses of Psalm 23, most beloved of the Psalms, in which this phrase occurs.

      Brother John Gollapalli (1932-2007) is known for his exposition of deep truths of the Scriptures with great clarity and simplicity, touching the hearts of listeners. He was also known for his spiritually edifying radio Bible programs: Aaraadhana Samayam, Daivopadesaalu and Bible Samayam broadcast on different radio stations such as Radio Sri Lanka and Vishwa Vani since 1964. He was fluent both in Telugu and English and preached to the very learned as well as to the village people. He had amazing memory of God's Word and therefore many of his listeners in India and abroad called him 'Walking Bible'.

      After receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, responding to His call, he came to full-time ministry at an early age. All through his life in the ministry, he remained in close fellowship with Brother Bakht Singh, a man of God. Perceiving the grace of the Lord on him, Brother Bakht Singh gave the right hand of fellowship and used him to minister God's Word in holy convocations and other meetings held in India, Europe and USA. We can share the joy of the fruit of his labors that will be revealed in the presence of the Lord, the righteous judge, in eternity.

      We praise God for enabling us to present this web site to make radio and special messages, literature, songs etc. of Bro. John available on the internet. We pray that these resources may bring many to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and edify the life of believers.

      We appreciate your prayers toward this effort.