Life History

Brother G. John was born on December 22, 1932 at Kamalapuram, Cuddaph District, AP, India. His parents, Elias Gollapalli and Gnanamma were simple hard-working school teachers. They were Christians and brought up their children in Christian faith and discipline.

He completed his high school education at Kamalapuram and went to the Andhra Christian College, Guntur, for graduate education. In his youth he gained talents in music, wrestling and sports. During his graduate education he accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal savior and was baptized in New Delhi while in fellowship with the believers of the House of Fellowship, New Delhi where his elder brother G.Samuel was the senior elder.

1958: Started working for the All India Radio, Hyderabad, as a Program director.

1959: Composed his first song while in fellowship with Brother Bakht Singh and the believers at
ELIM: Rajadhi Raja, Prabhuvula Prabhu. Besides this, several other songs composed by him are in the book: Songs of Zion, which the Indian believers all over the world sing even today.

1960: Married Sister Urmilla on February 8, 1960. They are blessed with two sons, Samuel and Asheel, and daughter Shailu.

1964-1967: In 1964, he resigned his job in the All India Radio and joined Far East Broadcasting Corporation, Bangalore, as its director. That was the beginning of his ministry for the Lord through Radio which occupied the rest of his life.

1967: The Lord used him in the All India Holy Convocation at Hebron, Hyderabad. This was the first time he spoke in a convocation (Cassette available). Thereafter, the Lord used him in some other convocations in Europe, USA and India.

1968-1970: Did special studies in Mass Communication at Hong Kong. He took this step for furthering his preparation for the Radio ministry. During these days he was very much used by the Lord as a Bible Teacher in Hong Kong.

1970-1972: Did M.S. in Educational Communication in the State University of New York at Oswego. While being a student, he had organized local groups and conducted weekly Bible classes, which as many have testified, were a great blessing.

1973-1975: Stationed at Banglore, he continued his Radio Ministry through different boardcasting stations including Radio Sri Lanka. The tiles of his classes were: Daivopadesaalu, Bible Samayam; Aradhna Samayamulu. Thousands received God,s word though these broadcastings.

1975: Mr. Henry Pettkar, a missionary working for the Trans World Radio requested Brother Bakht Singh to give messages for regular weekly transmission. Brother said to him: "I will find a better person for you". He then sent a cable to Brother John and advised him to take up transmission of Bible lessons through TWR. This step further promoted the radio ministry of Brother John.

1975-1990: While continuing his radio ministry he was actively involved in the life and ministry of the local church at Bangalore, called: Hermon.

1992: Moved to USA to be closer to children. While in USA, different church groups and institutions in all the states of the country, frequently sought his ministry. The Lord's anointing on him was apparent in this special ministry.

2001: Started an assembly of believers, called: Chicago Bible Fellowship. The brothers who served as his close coworkers have prayerfully dedicated themselves to continue this ministry.

2007: Went to be with the Lord on January 11, 2007.

Brother John was a beloved Bible teacher to thousands of people all over the world. His Bible teaching, which was deep, yet simple and powerful was received by the listeners with great appreciation and obedience to the Word. He has written many songs in Telugu which have been translated into several other Indian languages. Some of them are: Anandamuga, Yehovah Nee; Yesu Prabhun Stuthinchuta; Yehovah Na Bhalama which are embraced and sung in many Indian homes and churches all over the world, even today.

He reached many thousands of people with the gospel through his steadfast radio ministry of 42 years. Brother Bakht Singh loved him much and used him much in the ministry and dearly called him Radio John. The humble and hungry for God's Word loved and sought his ministry and fellowship. After Brother be

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