Radio Messages

      Bro. G. John's Radio ministry started with a program called "Parishudda Bible Grandha Patanamu" (Bible Reading) on FEBA (Far East Broadcasting Associates) India in 1964. Bro. John and his wife Urmila John read the portions of the scriptures responsively in this 15-minute broadcast. Letters received in response to this program indicated the interest of the listeners in understanding the scriptures."Vedapustakama, Vedapustakama" was taken as the title song of this program. After completing his studies in Mass Communication in Hong Kong and M. S in Educational Communication in State University of New York at Oswego, USA, he returned to India in 1973 and began "Daivopadesaalu" - 15 minute Radio Broadcast through Radio Sri Lanka. While these programs were on, Mr. Henry Pettkar, a missionary of Transworld Radio came to Bro. Bakht Singh and requested him to speak in Radio programs. Saying that he will find a suitable person for this program, Bro. Bakht Singh gave a telegram to Bro. John and called him to Hyderabad. Being introduced to Transworld Radio by Bro. Bakht Singh, Bro. John gave five days a week program under the title "Bible Samayam" in Vishwavani for about 5 years from 1975. Simultaneously, another program under the title "Aaraadhana Samayam" was also aired every Sunday for over three years.

      Gospel Literature supplied by the Bible Society of India and Scripture Gift Mission was posted to thousands of listeners who responded to the programs by writing letters. Post Box: 519 in a post office at Fraser Town in Bangalore had to be collected every day to clear the bulk of letters received.

      His unique way of teaching the scriptures is the gift from God. As he was the first Telugu Radio Speaker to air Christian Programs, many Churches irrespective of denominations invited him to preach the Gospel in the open public meetings organized by them. Some of the Churches organized such public Gospel meetings every year in towns, Kurnool, Nellore, Guntur, Hubli, Kakinada, Vizianagaram, Secunderabad and some other places in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

      As God blessed his ministry by bringing many souls into His kingdom, Bro. Bakht Singh was glad and encouraged him in Radio ministry. In his personal letters to Bro. John he assured him of his prayers and wished that many more souls be saved through his Radio ministry.

      He completed preaching through the whole Bible on Radio through the "Bible Samayam" program in about 3 years. We are glad that God enabled us to collect many of these programs before they are discarded by the broadcasting agencies. Campus Crusade recording facility helped us much in transferring the messages that were on tape spools onto Compact Disks. This meticulous job, helped us to telecast some of these messages on TV (Read details under-ministries>TV)

      During his Radio Ministry, about 636 "Daivopadesaalu", 265 "Bible Samayam" and over 150 "Aaraadhana Samayam" programs were aired. During his 40 years of Radio Ministry God blessed each program for the salvation and edification of thousands of listeners. Glory to be God alone!

Bro. Bakht Singh's Letters to Bro. G. John